Strategies in Sic-Bo

There is really no strategy possible in the game of sic-bo. The only thing one can do is establish some system in managing money which may include identifying placement of money on certain bets.

To take advantage of the odds you have to select bets with the greatest chance of winning. Of course, the best choice for the winning odds is the big and small bets. In this kind of bet, there is a split chance of winning because you are forecasting that the sums will be anywhere from 4-10 or 11-17. This is the best choice in terms of winning percentage.

After the big and small bet, the "total" bet has the next best chance wherein the total of the three die is 7 or 14. While it may seem hard to get, the pay out of 12:1 is quite a good one.

Other possible bets in sic-bo are ones that have to be placed only if you have the guts and the desire to gamble your money. Individual bets offer higher payouts for the bigger risks. If you want big winnings, then you will go and take advantage of the bets which offer higher risk. They are quite difficult to hit but if you are that risk taker and would like to win big, then it certainly is worth trying.

Next up is money management. This is a vital strategy in any gambling game. Money management is really quite basic and understandable. Typically, you enter the game with a particular sum of money and go home when it has all disappeared. Likewise, you also have to go home when you have already accumulated a particular amount. If you do win half or the whole money then you could gamble with the earnings. In this manner, there is nothing to lose but once again, you could end up losing everything so it is best if you play with only half of what you won. You do not only maintain your initial capital, but you also gain some additional. Likewise, you will have control of the amount you are going to place as a bet or where you are going to gamble. It is a common consensus that consistency in a game without an actual strategy is very crucial.

So when you enter the game you have knowledge of when to bet low with minimal returns and identify the point when you will make a high bet with the profit that will sustain you for the succeeding year.