Introducing the Various Types of Casino Slot Machines and their Features

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There are good reasons why casino slot machines are considered to be the highest income generating casino game. This is because many casino gamblers find the game of slot more fun and entertaining to play in a stress free game structure.

There is no skill requirement from a slot player without complicated rules to remember. Furthermore, there are absolutely several types of slot machines available especially in online casinos that offer wide range of choices among slot players to play for.

But along the vast varieties of slot games to play in casinos, there are general types of slot machines commonly offered that are most well-known among casino players. The first type of slot machine is the traditional slot which is considered to be the forefather among all generations of slot machines.

Known to be a one-arm bandit, the traditional slot machines have been around for decades and offered long time happiness of slot gambling among casino players. This type of slot machine consists of the typical three reels that display fruit symbols which made this type of slot machine also known to be called as the fruit slot machines.

The striking feature of traditional slots is the lever that is pulled to activate the mechanical reels to spin and to display the winning slot symbols. The lever is now replaced with buttons in some modern slot machines.

In the advent of online gambling, the slot machine is perhaps the first casino game to be introduced among gamblers with an online version. The game is represented in its virtual form and the player can play online slot machines through the Internet.

Online gaming software brings about the smooth running game interface of slot machines online with the convenience of playing slot without leaving the home.

The more interactive type of slot machines to play is the video slot machines which are slot games played on a video screen. The reels are presented virtually instead of the traditional mechanical reels and the game of slot is made more fun to play since the player is like playing a video game.

There are more bonus rounds offered from a video slot machine than its other counterparts which provide slot players more promising bonus games to play and win.

But the type of slot machine that offers the best and highest payout is the progressive slot machine where the payout is not determined by a fixed amount but is growing and accumulates to higher amounts as more players are playing in a network of slots machines with a single server.

With all these types of slot machine choices, casino gamblers are able to extract the kind of entertainment value they are looking for by choosing among the general types of slot machines that can suit their gambling needs.